Friday 4 June 2010

Cria's Cria's everywhere!

From reading fellow bloggers there are lots of cria's arriving now all very exciting!. I have tried to get some decent pictures of Lily's little cria but I either get Mica in the way or cut some ones head off but here is my attempt, Lily (or half of her anyway) with her cria closely followed by Mica.

We haven't decided on a name as yet but the little chap weighed in at 8.4kg and he is a very light fawn with a slightly darker tail, we weren't sure what to expect, Lily is a dark brown with what you might call "colour contamination" or she could just be going grey, father Langaton Caliban is white, you could call it an experiment, we were hoping for a darker colour but ha ho he is cute and will make a lovely pet or he could come trekking with the Llamas.

We are now waiting for Carla and Marietta to produce both mated to Catons Golden Nugget.
Tomorrow we will do the spit offs with the other girls if they are all going according to plan we will have early birthing season next year.


  1. Congratulations..on your lovely new arrival !! I did a colour experiment two years ago ! I was hoping to get some lighter colours..I bred a white male with a grey femal..hoping for lighter.....I got a solid jet black girl !!...just goes to show..nature has the upper hand !!.......Jayne

  2. We are really pleased with him as he is from probably our worst animal in regard to fleece and it seems he has inherited a lovely fleece from his dad which is what we are looking for.