Tuesday 13 July 2010

Not much time for blogging

Well it has been a long time since I have had time to sit down and update this blog.  Today it did rain as forecast, but not a lot.
All the Llamas and Alpacas are looking good, although the grass here is looking a bit thin, we are giving hay ad lib and the usual concentrate.
We weighed all the females and cria last weekend and the youngsters are all gaining weight.  The little Llama cria "Murphy" is great, full of energy just like a jack in a box, he charges around the field barging into the females who give him short shift.  He is very strong now and has a lot of character, thinks he's the bees knees.
It has been the usual round of work, holiday cottages, llama walks and field maintenance, Steve's three day week is working OK, so today we had a day off!!!! ---------------so after strimming around the chicken fences, cleaning out the chicken houses, putting up some bean sticks, spreading so Rooster booster, it was coffee time, then Steve took some belt things off the Flail mower which needed replacing, filled the car up with some rubbish to go to the tip, had lunch .....................then off to Newton Abbot to go to the bank via Tuckers to get some gate hinges, Mole Valley Farmers for pig food, find somewhere to buy the new belts for the mower etc etc, ................I think this is what is called a day off !!!! Oh I did get to see the Grandchildren for about half an hour.

We have had some lovely llama walks over the past couple of weeks, the weather has been perfect, we have met lots of lovely people and ate loads of lovely picnics............. so much for the diet !
Tomorrow we are taking some of the llamas to visit Wonford hospital, this is something we do regularly and is a lovely experience for the patients as well as us.


  1. Lovely...Baby !...and beautiful view !!.....those days off, are more busy than the work days !!......Jayne

  2. Too right there, three work days coming up so should be well rested for the weekend!

  3. Days off seem to be for doing the chores and errands that are not important enough to do on a 'work' day. Glad you've had good walking business lately.

  4. What a handsome fellow! Like him a lot.