Sunday 29 July 2012

Sun, Hay and Walks

Well we had about 8 days of dry weather and we made the most of it!
Friends at the top of Cordon Tor
We had 5 llama walks booked in and we managed to do all of them with just one shower of rain on the first one.  We have had a good selection of clients from young children to eighty year olds, locals and from foreign parts, we eaten Lunches, Cream Teas and Strawberries and Cream, drunk numerous cups of tea, coffee, apple juice etc, had a lovely time on all of them and this is what we call 'Work'

View of Home
In between doing all this walking we have made Hay infact we have made our Hay and Steve's Brothers Hay and for the first time in years we didn't have to rush to get it in.  So we had 520 ish small bales stashed in the Barn, we have now sold 150 and have another 200 to sell. My part in this was to provide gallons of cold drinks and food when needed. (think I got off lightly) it is a very hot and dusty Job I am told.

A break in Hay Making
The holiday Cottages are full we had a couple of weeks with German guests and dispite having terrible weather they all seem to enjoy themselves and were very interested in the Alpacas and Llamas coming out to feed up each morning and then going off to explore the moor etc.  The last week we had British guest, didn't see them all week in fact don't think they got up much before lunch time and it was glorious weather, really can't understand it.

View from our Hay Field
I am now on Cria watch again, we have three females due in August and the first one Olivia is now 320 days, she is huge and sits around a lot although not as big and wide as Marietta who is not due until 24th Aug.  We weighed them all this morning and Marietta has put on 7kg in 3 weeks which seems a lot to me.

Marietta looking very wide

 Just though I would put a couple of pictures of the girls when they spotted something in their field!

And what was causing all this concern?

Well it's a stray cat we have seen around the fields for a few days.

Today we had several rain showers and the weather forecast is changeable, so I think we have returned to normal British Summer.

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  1. Gorgeous weather and photos ...great to see you got yout hay made with the added bonus of sunshine. The walks look wonderful and obviously a great way to 'work' ....Jayne