Wednesday 6 March 2013

A few more for the list!

As Promised a few more Pics with just a few words with the list for Alpaca Seller in mind

Ivory, maiden female, ready for breeding, first place at Devon County
may have to be on the Sales list.

Lalique, another one bred to Jack of Spades, now it is either her or Iona but not both!

Mica bred to Caliban not on the list 

 Tigerlily, she is such a sweetie, probably could be persuaded to put her on the list

Cassini, pregnant to Golden Prospect, could be exciting, mum to Choc Ice and last years cria was female as well, Tiffany, she was on the list, possibly, maybe!

Olivia, pregnant to Caliban and on the list

I still have a few to photograph and then theres the cria but my Sales list doesn't look very big yet!

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