Thursday 11 April 2013


Well I have calm down and things are going along nicely here,  I was very surprised about the number of hits my last blog received, but thinking about it maybe not as I said the Alpaca community is very close knit and it only takes one person to hear or see something and it soon spreads around.  Only a couple of comments though, one of which was expected.

Anyway earlier in the week I attended a very interesting course on Poo sampling.  I am now thinking that doing our own samples is the way to go.  During the day we all had chance to look at our own or rather own Alpaca samples, as it has been so cold it wasn't too surprising that there wasn't many worm eggs present.  We did find some larvae in some samples and more worrying a couple of fluke eggs,even more worrying that one was in my sample.  We treat for fluke routinely as we know we have a problem but not usually at this time of year, needlessly to say we have now treated the whole herd with Fasinex. I am now on a mission to get all the equipment so I can start sampling practising.

The weather is warming up but being in the south west this means we are getting some rain so at least the grass will start growing hopefully.

Today we are off on a leaflet drop, we are taking our llama leaflets and delivering them around the area ready for the summer season.  This usually means a coffee stop, lunch and possibly tea as well... ah well so much for the diet!


  1. We do our own faecal tests - it's handy to take a sample and get results as soon as you want, either for reassurance or to take action.

  2. can you recommend a microscope?