Wednesday 2 December 2009

Amazing "Coffee Morning"

Yesterday I had a stall at our local coffee morning which really is an excuse for a social get together, living in a small community in the middle of Dartmoor you can sometimes go days with out seeing anyone. so the monthly coffee morning is a great draw and it is becoming more of a village market, we can buy local meat, jams and chutneys, sometimes fresh veg as well as enjoying a cup of coffee and some homemade cake. As the hall are holding their Christmas bazaar this Saturday it was decided to have the stalls at the coffee morning as well, great! There was a lot of interest in our hand knits, yarns and UK Alpaca socks, we actually sold more things in two hours than we did all day at Widecombe Village Market last week. Amazing!

After lunch I whizzed over to Widecombe to check up on the females in their lovely new field, they are still pleased to see me or rather the bucket of feed but seem less interested in the hay nets. They have much more interesting things to browse on in the hedges and this is obviously more attractive than a bag of hay. I have tried to do a video clip for weeks and this is my first attempt. Just need the sun to come out and I can have another go.

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