Tuesday 22 December 2009

Two days with Nigella's Christmas cook book

Having spent the last two days making some lovely goodies from Nigella Lawson's Christmas cook book I am hoping to get out today and get some last minute shopping. The roads around here don't get gritted so even though they are open they are hazardous in places. Once out on the main road we are ok.
The llamas and Alpacas are having to have late breakfast as I couldn't get there as early as usual, they don't seem to mind, I think they are just pleased it has stopped raining. They do look so good when they are all dry & fluffy, even Georgina is full of energy.

last night we finally confirmed the order for a lovely new mobile field shelter, this will make us feel better even if the dear little animals don't use it, it is there if they want it. None of our llamas or Alpacas choose to use a shelter unlike Lakeham's Alpacas who run for shelter at the first sign of rain (sensible animals).

Our chickens seem to be coping with the cold weather OK even if some of the older girls have decided to molt, we are still getting a good number of eggs each day, ideal for Nigella's pavlova.

Oh well time to go out and assess the icy yard to see if I can get the car out!.

Merry Christmas to everyone reading this blog and happy and successful 2010

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