Monday 6 August 2012

More excitement

If last week wasn't enough today has been just as exciting.
We had another day of people coming and going, we now have a new electric pole but no electric on it as yet.  they were hoping to have it fixed but our road has been closed for pot hole filling and the lorry couldn't get here so thats another day with the generator.  Funny things have been happening with our alarm clocks since the fire we keep getting up early!  I checked the clock when we went to bed and the time was correct by morning it is half to an hour fast so the alarm goes off, this has happened every morning since Friday but strangely the same thing has happened to Rogers alarm clock, now that can't be a coincidence.  They are both electric clocks which set their own time and always change them selfs when the clocks go bcd/forward when necessary so why should they both gain over night?  Got to be something to do with the transformer exploding.

Anyway today started off quite enough, picked the boys up whilst daughter went to work, hospital appointment, got back Steve was fixing the TV bracket when we got a phone call from one of our guests to say they were stuck on Mel Tor and couldn't get back as one of them had Parkinsons and had lost the use of her legs.  Could we pick them up with the Landrover, we knew where they were so off we went.  Unfortunately we couldn't get very close so had no option but to ring for help, half an hour later Police Helicopter with Paramedic on board arrived and after finding a suitable spot our guest was rescued and had a short ride in the Helicopter back to the Car Park where their car was.  Obviously this caused a great excitement in the car park and lots of photos were taken ( sorry can't show people ones as I didn't as permission).

Safely back in the carpark
Holiday snaps with a difference I think.  I advised the to have a quite day tomorrow as I can't cope with all the excitement!


  1. You seem to be having a torrid time recently! Sorry to read about your barn fire in the last blog - hope it's all put right for you soon. As long as you are all safe, thats the main thing. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Gee whiz, do you not think you've had enough excitement for one week!

  3. Its all happening down with you ! Here's wishing you some uneventful days ahead !.....Jayne

  4. It's been much quieter here so far to day but we may have a very exciting project in the making!