Monday 13 August 2012

Finally someone sees sense.

It has been well over a week since the fire and I know I wanted a quieter time but absolutely nothing has changed in our farmyard.  The hay which was pulled out of the fire was heaped up but it got so hot there was a danger of it bursting into flames, the fire brigade covered it with foam and said it was a fire risk.  The loss assessors looked at it and went away, then they said it was up to us to get someone to move it at which point everyone got mad and some rather heated phone calls and e.mails later and the insurance company said they would deal with it.  Turns out that our contaminated waste was going to cost to much to move but if they could get some one to pick out the big bits of asbestos roofing it would be OK to remove, not sure the insurance company who is going to pay for the removal should be the ones to decide how it is removed.
We can't drive into the yard so everything has to be carried over the pile of hay, really annoying when we have to load the car to go to Okehampton show.

The final straw this week was when the insurance company decided to offer a settlement value on Steves mowing deck which was £650 less than the cost of replacement.  We can't find a secondhand deck anywhere in the country as they only come with the tractor.  At this point Steve lost it as he said, why should we be out of pocket because someone else was responsible for burning the barn down.  Anyway finally today after a whole afternoon of Steve shouting (something he never does) down the phone at the loss adjusters and anyone else he could get hold of, they got the message.  They are going to pay for a new deck.  At least Steve can now go to work and we can start to earn some money, that is if the rain stops.

Everything else is running smoothly, I had a day at Okehampton show last Thursday which was a bit disappointing, weather was lovely just too many Alpaca stalls all together, not sure we will bother with that one next year.
Saturday we went to Holne fate which was a great afternoon out and we took the stall and a few Alpacas which created a lot of interest, this turned out to be better than Okehampton Show in respect of takings. Tomorrow we are off to Widecombe in the Moor for a Fun day in aid of Leusdon Church, I think the same group of girls will be going and hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

We are still waiting for our next cria we currently have Olivia on 334, Carla 324  and Marietta 322 days.  Still that gives me an opportunity to sit and watch, some me time all in the name of work, all is not bad really!


  1. Glad the ranting...eventually got through ! to the powers that be...deciding on your replacement if you haven't had enough to deal have to battle with the insurance company ! Ihope those babies are soon here and you have plenty of nice quiet me time .....Jayne

  2. Well done Steve for shouting at the insurance 'suits' - they really are the ones who make a drama out of a crisis and we have to pay for it. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  3. My 'previous life' was insurance (poor me!),glad to hear you didn't give up, some companies try and get away with paying peanuts and ranting is the only way to get anywhere.

    Here's to some babies soon.