Thursday 13 September 2012

Cria Update

This is a bit of a photo blog tonight.

Firstly some pictures of this years cria, starting with Hummingbird who is just 4 months old and huge, so much so that we are going to have to wean her early as her Mum Lily is getting really thin.


Next up is Olympus aka Ollie, he really didn't want to be photographed as he was having a good munch on some grass and didn't want to be disturbed.

Last of the first batch of Cria is Tiffany who certainly doesn't mind being photographed.


The second batch started to arrive in August, here they are in nursery this afternoon.

They may look angelic here but they are a pack of hooligans really.

Here they are with Carla in charge, behaving themselves but then they wouldn't mess with Carla!

Fandango is the oldest on the right by ten days, Basil on the left.

The little white female is Tempest AKA Norma (long story) Pictured with Basil, both born on the same morning and inseparable. 

A few pictures from Widecombe Fair, as you can see it was a lovely day, someone had been very creative with the papermache with this brilliant model of Uncle Tom Cobley and his mates on the Grey Mare.

Our stall was in a very prominent position near one of the entrances at this point the girls seemed quite interested in what was going on.
 But it obviously got to much for Lalique who needed to take a nap and used Tigerlily as a cushion.

 A good day was had by all, I think the crowds were up on last year as there seemed to be a sue for the loos most of the day which hasn't happened for the last couple of years.


  1. let me see...Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davey, Dan'l Whiddon, 'arry 'awke, Old Uncle Tom Cobley an'all - must have learnt that at primary school - my education wasn't wasted!

  2. Well done, glad to see you haven't forgotten some of the more important things you learnt at school.

  3. I on the other hand did waste my education....can't say I remember those guys at all !...heard of him, but that's about all....Lovely photosof this years extra cute line up....I can't believe the size of Hummingbird....she's huge !....Jayne

  4. It must be something about greys as our grey girl Kate produces greedy whoppers who usually need weaning early. Hummingbird looks lovely.

  5. Great photos. This Tom Cobley is probably related to Jock Tamsin's bairns in this part of the world! Shirley & Robbie

  6. Widecombe fair is world famous and we do get people from all over the world attending, this year the furthest was Tazmainia. There is a song about Uncle Tom Cobley and All going to the fair on a grey mare. You probably have heard it, I suppose the song about Ilkley Moor is the up north equivialant.