Wednesday 5 September 2012

Especially for Hannah

Olivia with Fandango
Just a quick post tonight especially for one of our guests who left just after a cria had been born, I promised to post some pictures, so here goes.

We had three females due to give birth and they have all now delivered, so that it for this years cria and we are already looking forward to next years.  First to produce was Olivia who gave us a lovely Dark Brown male from Wessex Mambo, lovely looking boy weighing in at 8.5 kilos.

Than on Monday we woke up and checked the female field via Alpaca Cam to find a little brown cria sat up next to the hay rack and another little brown cria running around the field.  Sure there was only one the night before !  When we arrived at the field we discovered Marietta had produce a little, well quite big really Dark Brown Male by Inca Cayanne weighing in at 9 Kilos.
Marietta's Cria 

Just a couple of hours later it was obvious Carla was also about to give birth.  I had the Grandsons for the day and we were just about to go for a swim down the river, so change of plan, picnic in the field.  So there we were sitting on a rug in the field eating our picnic, watching Carla sitting down, getting up, rolling around and then there was a nose, then a leg, more head, still one leg.  well I thought this is going to be fun, stroppy, spitty female, cria with one leg back, two small boys who couldn't help much although they offered.  Luckily Steve was on his way back from a spot of grass cutting, so help was on it's way.  Once Steve was able to hold Carla with her face firmly held facing away from me, I was able to locate the other leg and manoeuvre it into position, shortly after Carla delivered a very white female cria by our Stud Male Caliban.
Carla & Cria

Just thought I would share this picture of Josh & Grandad loading the Tractor on to the trailer.

Loads more to report but really need to go to bed now so will update again soon.

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