Sunday 24 February 2013

Basil has finally got it!

Brrrrrrr its b...y cold out there this morning, good job we had plenty to keep us busy.  First we fed the weanlings and moved there pen onto some fresh grass, Basil who had been feeding out of my had and then out of the scoop finally leant to put his head in to a bucket, all be it a very shallow bucket.  He ran off when he first felt me loosen my hold on him but soon when back to finish off the hard feed  left in the bucket, so hopefully tonight he won't need much encouragement.

Once the feed round was complete it was on to the females who had to be weighed and because we have had some dramatic weigh losses in the past few weeks which was worrying they have been wormed with the new wormer Zolvic.  Then it was on to the big move around, the girls were going up the lane in to our large lower paddock still out of sight of the weanlings but first we had to move the three Adult boys, Atlas and Prospect who are brothers live together over the track from Caliban our white Stud Male who really doesn't like Atlas & Prospect and has almost pushed the fence over before in his quest to get at them.
The plan was to move all three down the lane to a new paddock and put them together and let them sort out there differences.  So Caliban was loaded into the trailer first with the partition in followed by the other two.  Atlas & Prospect were released in to the field and did the usual inspection, then we put Caliban in, at this point I was expecting fire works but no, Prospect ran over to Caliban for a sniff and then walked off and we left all three exploring with no sign of any aggressive behaviour.  We spent the next hour or so moving respective hay racks, feeders etc just keeping an eye on the boys, still behaving even sharing a bucket when we fed them.  When we left they were all grazing peacefully, but I am keeping an eye on them with the camera while keeping the other eye on the Rugby.

So now we can rest the paddock we will use for birthing this year, get it cleaned up and chain harrowed when the time is right. Just need some dry sunny, warm weather please!

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