Saturday 23 February 2013


Today has been frantic, our own fault really, we have been decorating the holiday cottages and had nearly finished the second one but had ground to a halt with lack of enthusiasm.  Today was D day as we had guests arriving this afternoon and the hall way in the last cottage needed paint on the walls.  So an early start was called for, steve painted and I cleaned the kitchen,, bathroom, bedroom, made up the beds and put the cream tea and fresh eggs in the fridge.  Three hours and we were done, all the decorating equipment was out the door and the cottage was finished.  Once we had packed away ladders, paint etc it was home for a well deserved cup of coffee.

We have had a house full for the last couple of days as it was eldest Grandsons birthday yesterday.  After the excitement of opening presents we all went off to feed the Alpacas and Llamas.  The weanlings have settled down, still a little humming when we arrive but I think thats for our benefit, just to make us feel sorry for them really.  Once the chores were done we all went off for a day at the Zoo, it was bitter cold but the boys were running about so didn't feel the cold like the oldies.  A lovely day was had by all but it was a welcome sight to see the woodburner still alight when we got back in.  A lovely cup of tea and a slice of birthday cake just to finish the day off nicely.

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