Thursday 9 April 2015

Back to the day job

Oh well we have had to stop work on the Shepherds hut for a little while as we both have had to get on with other work.  Steve had a backlog of customers wanting his landscaping skills and I had a lot of office work, accounts and general admin as well as a pressing situation of the grass growing and all our customers wanting their lawns cut.  I am pleased to say that we managed to catch up with it all except the general admin.  I had a list! but as soon as I crossed something off, two more things got added so I think it longer now than when I started.

The weather has been amazing, so warm during the day but we have had a frost the last two mornings so still too early to get the tender plants out!  but we have been doing a bit of gardening at Home.  We have never had to do gardening at home before as the garden wasn't our responsibility but now the house and garden are now ours we have to get on with tidying it up.  This is called gardening by Chainsaw! We have several large conifers which block out a lot of light and obscure the view from the house so they will be coming down.

At the weekend we weaned the final cria, very late but final got there.  So now we have the 4 weanlings in the field by the cottages and as we have had guests with children we have had a great time getting the cria used to having halters on and being handled. I was hoping to get them actually walking by the end of the week but we have run out of time.  I am going to bring back one of last years girls so I have one to teach the little ones what to do, far easier that way.

I have Thursdays off ( thats what Steve calls it) so I have been to the bank, got the shopping, one Grandson to Hockey, one Grandson still here.  I did have some fun though, I am changing my car soon so today my daughter, on grandson and myself went to Plymouth and I had a test drive, great fun, they said just take it out for a hour or two see what you think, so we did, even managed to get some lunch giving us plenty of time to explore all the dials and switches in the car while sitting in the carpark, youngest Grandson thought it was great, the interior lights can change colour.  Going to Exeter tomorrow so may have another go, just to make sure it is the right choice.

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  1. We've got lists like yours - they get longer the more jobs you do! Shirley & Robbie