Wednesday 29 April 2015

The boys haven't had a good day

Well today was Castration day for our two young Llamas and an Alpaca.  The Vet arrived early this morning and gave all three their sedative.

Leo first who soon dropped to the ground and was sound asleep.  The vets both young girls did an excellent job and leo was totally unaware of what happened.

The next in line was Teddy a four year old Alpaca who is going to join the llamas in the trekking team, his sedation wasn't quite as effective but we put him down on the floor and he was restrained whilst the Vets did there stuff.

Then it was Mr McGee's turn, well he had sedation but he was doing his upmost to fight it, even propping himself up on the gate whilst his back end wobbled around, but there was no way he was going down and he was still too lively to operate standing up.  So it was decided to give him some more sedative, after a few minutes he was on the floor, sound asleep.  The operation went well and we waited for him to come round, and we waited and waited.  His breathing was deep and regular but then he started to groan and his breathing was becoming shallower,  I was thinking should I be worried at this point, the vet didn't look worried.  After a few minutes the vet decided to give him the antidote for the sedative, much to my relief. After a few minutes Mr McGee was more alert and we helped him back into a cush position and then he finally got up although he was very wobbly for a while afterwards.

When we were happy that all three were OK we left them with a bale of hay, some ReadyGrass and some water in the barn until this evening when we walked them back up to their paddock.  They see none the worst for their traumatic day and we can now look forward to them joining the rest of the Trekking team.

These two Llamas are really gentle, easy to handle and I think they will be a great asset to the team.