Sunday 9 May 2010

Must be time for an update

Well we have been a bit busy he over the last week, so much for having more time now Steve is no longer employed. We have done some breedings with some of the open females so hopefully we will have some spit offs later this week.
Our little bantam hen who had gone broody under our shed hatched out 3 chicks from the hens eggs I put under her, one yellow, one orangy coloured and one black, no idea what they will turn out to be.
Steve has had his digger in bits and lots of new bits have come in the post, at one point these new bits were all over the front room floor, at least they were clean it's when the old oily bits come in I get worried. The digger is back together now and lives to dig another day which I hope will be later this week when he has a job to do for one of our neighbours.
The holiday cottages are full and I discovered that one lot of holiday makers are regular readers of this blog, it comes as a bit of a surprise when someone turns up and asks how Toledo is after his visit from the vet. I also discovered that they come from somewhere in Northumberland near Barnacre Alpacas, small world isn't it.
The problem with having the cottages full is that I always leave a cream tea in the fridge which means I have to make scones, which means I have to eat a couple just to check they are OK, obviously I have to put clotted cream and jam on these test scones just to get the full impact, this does not bode well for my diet!
We ran out of oil this week as well which to say the least is a bit of an inconvenience, but you do realise how much we rely on the stove to get the washing aired as well as for the cooking. So at the moment we are using two electric rings and a mirco, oven, grill thing, which actually makes fantastic scones. The upside of this situation is that the stove has had a good clean and is now sparkling in the kitchen waiting for the oil which will hopefully be delivered tomorrow.
Today we delivered Willow to her new home, as she is pregnant we wanted this to be as stress free as possible. We brought the trailer down to the field this morning along with one of our geldings 'Silver Spark', as Willow is possibly the nosiest alpaca around she was very interested in the fact that there was a new alpaca about, making it easy for us to get her into the trailer with out much fuss.
Once at her new home we walked Silver Spark aka as Sparky on a halter down to the field, Willow just followed along looking very interested in every thing around.
Once into the field she was introduced to her new field companion 'Pearl' we decided to leave Sparky there as well as an extra companion until the two girls have there babies later this summer.
There was a certain amount of broad siding, spitting and a little bit of kicking going on and a lot of running around the field, so much for keeping her calm, her new owners hadn't seen alpacas move so fast before. We wish Roland and Jo at Alpacas at Tower Park every success for the future.
Finally is this what the young Alpaca farmer is wearing this season?
I particularly like the pink wellies!


  1. Hello there, it is 10pm and all Alpaca are calm and settled here. We are thrilled to be the new keepers of Willow and the holidaying 'Sparky'. Many thanks for your help and support both now and in the future! Jo & Rolly

  2. Good to hear things have settle down, see you and the alpacas soon.

  3. You have to try the 'test scones'...its a must ! Does this mean you'll have to cancel all your holiday favour of the diet !!..Nice to hear that Willow has settled in her new home.....and the digger is fixed !..Now where can I get some Pink Wellies !!....Jayne