Tuesday 4 May 2010

Vets & Veggies

We spent most of the morning waiting for the vet to arrive, nothing serious just routine stuff really. We try to give Richard a list of jobs to do when he is here as his travel costs are usually the most expensive part of the bill. Firstly we wanted to do our blue tongue vaccine, but the vaccine hadn't arrived so thats a job for another day. Then we wanted Richard to deal with the fighting teeth on Toledo, he is coming up three now and we caught a glimpse of a lovely set of very sharp looking fighting teeth the other day, as Toledo is our only entire male llama he does think he is top dog and does tend to bully some of the other boys. Toledo was sedated for the procedure and was very laid back about the whole situation. So he now has a nice set of blunt teeth with which he can't hurt any of his field companions.
Then we are on to Jazz one of our female llamas, she had her last cria a few years ago and last year was not at all interested in the very handsome Stud male we had invited down to Devon just for her benefit. So this year we have given her a injection just to get her cycle sorted out and then we will introduce her to Toledo who by then will have got over his dental experience and hopefully she will be more impressed with Toledo then she was with the lovely Warrior.
Finally Richard did a inspection on the lovely Willow (which she past with flying colours) who will soon be heading off to pastures new, more about that later.
This afternoon I rushed into Ashburton to stock up on supplies which also involved having a cup of tea with Tania from Caton Alpacas, just to catch up on Alpaca gossip ( and there is certainly a lot of that at the moment). Steve had a lovely afternoon taking his digger to bits then putting it back together again not before he order a whole load of new parts though. Then we went back up to the fields, Steve chain harrowed one of the paddocks while I planted loads of salad and veg seeds in our newly weeded veg plot. So not a bad day really back to a proper work day tomorrow!

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