Monday 10 May 2010

Spit, Spit and more spit

After nearly a full day at work we decided it would be a good time to introduce Toledo our young Stud llama to Jazz the rather stroppy female llama. Well if she had already been with a male you would have said it was a definite spit off. She was really giving it some, there was green stuff flying everywhere, poor Toledo, this was his first attempt. Jazz is quite a tall girl and Toledo is rather short and stocky but this didn't seem to bother him.
Anyway after a good period of time dodging showers of spit we decided to remove Jazz from the pen except we couldn't get near enough to put the lead rope onto her halter so had to resort to opening the pen letting Jazz out hopefully with out letting Toledo escape as well. Well he wasn't a happy boy, huffing and puffing, he must have been exhausted, we let him calm down, he really didn't want to go back into his field, he stood gazing at Jazz for ages afterwards while she just glared at him.
Not sure what to do now, she gave Warrior the same treatment last year, really not impressed with our choice of suitors. We would dearly like to breed some llamas but with this sort of reaction I can't see it happening. If anyone has any suggestion on how to get Jazz to be a little more amenable I would love to hear it.
On a happier note our little hen is bringing up her three little chicks to be independent just like there mum, she took them walk about today, I couldn't find them and suspected the fox had had them but then she appeared from the undergrowth and returned to the nest under the shed.
Our other broody which is in the broody coop hatched out one chick this afternoon and another egg was just starting to hatch when we came home, so I will have to wait and see how many she has tomorrow.
The only other bantam I notice today has started to sit in one of the nest boxes so I am going to get some hatching eggs to put under her.


  1. I was just wondering...are you putting your boy in Jazz's field ?...I wondered if you tried taking her out of her environment and putting her into another field...she might not be so stroppy, on different tertitory !..Just a passing thought.....Jayne

  2. Hi, No we do pen matings so they were both on neutral ground. I think she is just anti men.

  3. Oh...dear...just a thought...:-( !! Maybe she doesn't fancy him then !!..maybe a new suiter !!might catch her eye :-)