Tuesday 15 March 2011

Birthing box

Today started off grey and misty but I had a job booked in for this morning, the road is still closed so a bit of a detour as usual.  After I had finished at lunchtime I went back to the fields where Steve was putting in some new gates next to the field shelter to form a large pen inside the gate way to the field as well as being able to use the gates to form a small pen in front of the shelter, clever stuff.  The sun had come out by lunchtime and it was quite warm, Phoebe who is due to give birth first was sat chewing the cud in the bottom paddock looking on with interest at all this activity.  Thinking of impending births I decide to get the birth box down from the storage shed just to check we have the essentials!  we had including a bottle of lubricant which had tipped over and leaked it's contents into the bottom of the box...... lovely!  so everything which could be washed has been including the cria coats that were stored in the box as well, so we are not fully prepared except I need to get a new bottle of lubricant.
The electrician also came this morning to finish wiring in the camera, up to now it has been plugged into an extension lead, now it has it's own socket which means we now have no camera!............. apparently it has lost it's IP address and I now need to take the laptop back down there to reinstall it, great just when we really need it, its not working! another job for tomorrow.

I was hoping to upload some pictures of the females in their new paddock but have left the camera in the car and as the road is closed it is parked in the village, no street lights here so I am not walking down there to get it, in the meantime I thought I would share a picture of my daughter in her new style wellies, for which she will probably be very annoyed with me!


  1. Yes, once the birth(s) are over, no-one is interested in the bag or box until the new season, and then you find a few horrors!

  2. I once had some wellies like that !!....very fetching.....hope the births go well ....and no need for the birthing box .......Jayne