Wednesday 9 March 2011

Road closed and New mode of Transport

Over the past few weeks the Water board has been replacing the main water supply to Widecombe in the moor which means that they have fenced of a strip of the fields at home.  What with the wet weather last month this made one hell of a mess with diggers, dumpers etc going in and out. Finally they have finished in the fields and have started in the road resulting in a short stretch of road between our house and the fields being closed.  A detour of about 3 miles each way has resulted in either getting up ridiculously early to get through the road works before they get to work or parking the car in the village so we can walk pasted the closure and then drive the rest of the way.  Either option is a pain as once they get to work you can't get through so if we forget anything it's a long detour or walking.
Steve had to fill up the Discovery this week and got a shock as to how much it cost, we don't use it much as it is mainly for towing either the stock trailer or Steve's work trailer, anyway economizing is the order of the day and as my car doesn't use as much diesel Steve will now use that where possible for work and I will have a new mode of transport!  With this in mind this morning he retrieved our bikes from the back of the barn. Surprisingly as they had not been used for about eight years (life before alpacas) they are still in working order so oiled, tyres checked etc I will now be riding my bike to and from the fields, coming back is all downhill so thats not to bad but going, well I think I will be walking most of it!
He did say something about getting fit as well.................... I left to pack the bags................... ready to go to the futurity this week end!..................Maybe I should suggest we walk from the hotel to Stoneleigh! or put the bikes in the car!

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