Sunday 13 March 2011


We have just returned from a great weekend at the British Futurity, great to catch up with everyone, talk Alpacas and have a good look at all the animals there.  The quality was amazing and such large entries in each class which is good to see.

Anyway back to work today and we are just off to move the female Alpacas onto the new field which has got some lovely grass in it, they will be so pleased!
We are keeping a few of the very late pregnant girls behind and they will move onto a clean paddock ready for birthing, the first one is just 10.5 months, so we will be keeping a close eye on her now, she is usually very easy although we know she doesn't produce much milk so are prepared for this.

The new camera came into it's own this weekend and we could check on the animals using the computer or my phone so I think this is going to be a godsend whilst waiting for births this year.

Anyway sun is shining and work is calling so must go.

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