Tuesday 22 April 2014

Alpacas is she, isn't she

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, we as usual had a very busy one.  For the first time in several years both our Holiday Cottages were full although it was one booking who took both. We now have a connecting door which allows the two cottages to be used as one giving three bedrooms sleeping 8 Adults. Our Guests were from the middle East region and they absolutely loved the cottages and Dartmoor although the weather wasn't brilliant on Sunday they still went out exploring.

On Easter Monday we took some Alpacas and our Stall to Postbridge Village Market, it was freezing! and there were not a lot of Customers.  Steve thought it would be best if he went home as we didn't need both of us there, he came back and picked us up, the sun came out once we got home and it was a lovely evening.

After the Market we got on with some husbandry tasks, half the herd has now had their Lambivac Jabs, the open females have been wormed and put on clean pasture, Stud males had a pedicure as well as their Jabs.

The pregnant girls, well I should say the hopefully pregnant girls, we only have 6 this year as we had some late births last year and we have held them over till the spring before breeding them again.  Any way we have Tigerlily who is due now, showing none of the usual signs of being pregnant, she's not sitting around looking uncomfortable, she has no sign of a udder, she isn't bulging out the back, she is charging around the field like a teenager with some of last years cria, she is up grazing as normal.  So as we had the Studs on halters we took Atlas down to run the girls past,  Mica due at the end of next month is obviously pregnant so we didn't put her in, Lily is so big and you can see the cria moving around so she was left out, Hebe is just a stroppy mare when she is pregnant, we didn't need to check her.  So that left the three maidens, Tigerlily just ran around in circles so still not sure, Ivory, the same just ran away, Caramel she ran around and when she couldn't get away pushed the hurdle so hard she pushed it over getting her neck stuck between the bars.  She is fine, as soon as the hurdle was down she pulled her head out and ran off.  Atlas was then off down the paddock which has the pregnant girls and the weanlings in, he was more interested in running around with the youngsters then pursuing the girls and was quickly caught and returned to his paddock.  Upshot is I am still not sure if Tigerlily is pregnant or not, so will just have to wait.


I am still watching Jazz and her floppy ears, she is bright and up grazing but when she runs her ears still flop about, strange but she seems fine in herself.

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