Sunday 27 April 2014

Halter training a bit late I think!

What with the weather, car trouble and not actually knowing if we were going to get to our first show, halter training has completely gone out of the window.  I have started but it has been very stop start and I now only have a week to get three of them ready for a show.
Zebadee is the star, he is the oldest but he isn't going to the show, so poor thing has to go walking with each of the other five, one at a time as there is usually only me doing the walking.  So far out of the show team I have Zeus who is the smallest but not the youngest who did manage to walk a little this morning, then Zahara who just dug her feet firmly in the ground and refused to move and Zanti who thought that bunny hopping was the way to go.  So I apologies to the ring steward and judge of the Cornwall camelid show in advance for the expected spectacle which will be me and three little alpacas trying to go into the show ring next week.

On the car front we have managed to find a new Discovery so we can actually get to the show.  Our old one did pass it's MOT but there were problems with it overheating when towing.  So we had a shortlist of several to look at, starting with one in Exeter.  That looked lovely on the inside and the body work was in great condition but the chassis had the same problems as ours and wouldn't have passed the next MOT so that was a no no.  Then we decided to go to the furthest one which was the other side of Bristol which is about 100 miles from us.  This is the one we actually brought as it is in great condition underneath as well as on top.  Not sure if we are the only people who look under a car before we look inside it!.  As we didn't have all the money with us we had to go back a couple of days later, anyway it is hear now and Steve has gone off today with the tractor on the back to help a friend take out a hedge, hence halter training on my own.

As I hadn't driven the new car I took a friend to Exeter yesterday for a girly day out including a long lunch in our favourite italian restaurant, and some shopping.  The only problem I had with the car was it is to tall to go into my usual car park. good job I didn't just go storming in otherwise I would have lost the roof bars or converted it into a open topped discovery.

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