Sunday 13 April 2014

News from deepest Dartmoor

Its along time since my last blog, I think it was the day of that last horrible storm, we had our drive washed out again but the water didn't' get into any property which was lucky.  We were lucky compared to a lot of people.

The bad weather has really hit our holiday cottage bookings as I think most of the country thought that the South West was flooded or had fallen into the sea. In truth Devon and especially Dartmoor has been Open for Business and we have had a campaign to try to get this out to the rest of the country.  Strangely the bookings for our Llama walks has been very brisk with several bookings for large groups including a Hen Party in July for 15 girls, don't think Steve is too keen to come on that one!

We have been working hard on the Holiday Cottages to get them ready for this season, as many of you know we extended and refurbished them over this last winter.  Robin Cottage has been let a few times since Christmas but Wren has only just been finished and the first guests are coming in on Friday.  We have taken photos of the build and if any one is interested they can be found on our Facebook page It would be good if anyone could like this page as well, apparently this social media is the way to go for getting more interest in our website.

The Alpacas and Llamas seem to have survived the wet winter very well, in fact the llamas have managed to put weight on dispute having their rations cut down drastically in the last few weeks.  The Alpaca have been out all winter with access to shelter if they wish, which obviously they didn't wish as they have hardly used it.!  Tigerlily is due to give us our first cria or at least is 11 months on the 20th so we are watching closely, at the moment she seems to be grazing and sitting around a lot , could be any time then!

We have had one cria born this year though, one of the females we sold last year pregnant was due at the beginning of march (11 months) which at this time of the year you would expect to go nearer 12 months, but she gave birth at 329 days to a very strong dark brown boy with a little white mark around his mouth which looks just like he has a milky mouth.  Funnily enough she gave birth on the first day of spring like weather, text book birth and he is growing away nicely.

Tigerlily looking perfectly normal.
I managed to register last years cria and actually enter three of them into Devon County Show, I have also entered them into the Cornwall Camelid show on 5th May.  I am hoping we will be able to get there as the Landrover is having a few problems and over heats when towing.  I may have to just take the stall and leave the Alpacas at home, that way I can use the car.  Just hope we can sort it out before Devon County.

 Finally to finish, the view from the seating area outside Wren Cottage on today, great to sit and have your early morning coffee watching the Alpacas in the field next door.


  1. Good to read your blog again and glad you all managed to get through that terrible winter you've had down there. Hope your holiday bookings pick up and the Llamas get plenty of walks. Shirley & Robbie

  2. OOh, a camelid show, whereabouts in Cornwall is that? Always good to meet up with other llama folk - Kevin from Ashwood Llamas, North Devon.

  3. It;s only Alpacas I am afraid, held at Griggs country Store near St Austell on May 5th, lovely friendly show, not sure we will actually be able to take the alpacas now as Landrover is on last legs and over heats when towing so may have to just take the stall.