Saturday, 6 November 2010

Alpaca update and Traveling Ted

It’s a while since I have updated the blog , a fact that I have been reminded of by several of my friends and readers of this blog.  As I told them sometimes I go to update the blog but with so much going on that I can’t or wouldn’t want to write about I don’t know where to start.
It is a quiet time here with the Alpacas and Llamas, just routine husbandry really, poo picking, toe nail trimming etc etc.  We decided to send some poo samples off to be analysed by the lab rather than just treating for worms routinely.  We were very encouraged with the results only one animal showed a worm burden and one of our cria showed a heavy Coccidal oocysts.  So both of these animals have been treated as well as the cria in that group, we will do another set of tests in three weeks time.  
The whole herd Alpacas and llamas will be having a ADE jab over the next week as well as a drench for Liver Fluke, this will complete their routine treatments for this year.
Over the half term we had a visit from our Grandsons and a bear call traveling Ted,  Ted normally lives at Josh's school but sometimes he is allowed to go home with one of the pupils.  Ted has to have a record of his activities whilst he is away from school and as you can see from the photos he had a very eventful time.
Ted in the Wheel barrow
Ted & the Alpacas

Ted collecting eggs
Ted on the Tractor

I can assure you that Ted did have a good wash before he went back to school not sure I should publish the pictures of Ted in the washing machine!


  1. Gosh...what an adventure for Ted...hope he survived the spin dry!

  2. There is less to write about at this time of year, but it's always interesting to read of others' husbandry tasks, and a visit from Ted was well worth sharing - I gave ADE paste today - I prefer it to injections, but it does mean that some gets squirted across the shelter or all over my hand, by the one who won't let the nozzle in her mouth!

  3. Looks like Ted had a fantastic time...and I bet he slept well...that night !!......Jayne