Monday, 2 January 2012

What happened to my lovely clean fluffy Alpacas?

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the festive holidays, now back to normal as far as normal goes. 
I have had a very restful time since my operation, I have done some knitting, watch lots of TV, had friends round and spent some time playing with my Christmas pressie.  I now have a very fancy new camera which is too clever for it's own good, so I now have no excuse for not taking lots of pictures.

Over the next few weeks whilst I can't drive I am hoping to update the websites for the Cottages, Llamas and Alpacas.  I also have been told I need to put some animals up for sale on Alpaca Seller, so I will need some new pictures for that, but I think I may have to wait for a while as this is what I found on one of my first visits to the field since before Christmas.
Ivory Looking very grey and wet. 
Tigerlily is in fact even worst.

Choc Ice obviously taken it to another level.

Even Demeter has participated in the activity.

Caramel and Laligue have embellished themselves with hay for an even more attractive look.

Even Blacks can have the look, this is Hebe sporting the muddy look.

Midnight on look out,  "Go on she's not looking"

Marietta showing us how to get the best look.

I would really like some dry cold weather to get my fluffy Alpacas back. then my camera will come into it's own.


  1. Hear! hear! it's a pain, not being able to get them photogenic for sales pics isn't it?

  2. I agree its a nightmare trying to get decent photo's of them this time of year! I have a couple of families who have joined our "Adopt an Alpaca" scheme and wanting to come a choose their Alpaca, but I am afraid they don't look their best at the moment!

    If they are not wet and muddy, they look like walking hay racks!

    Roll on the spring to get our clean and fluffy alpacas back!

  3. They must know why you want them looking pristine!! Happy New Year to you all!