Friday, 21 June 2013

All signed up

A few weeks ago we took delivery of a new van, new to us anyway.  We had decided that with the cost of fuel what it is we could no longer afford to use the Discovery for running around for work but we still need it to tow either for shows or for our llama walks. Hence we now have a van and it has proved to be so economical Steve has named it Duracell as it just keeps going.

We decided to have Duracell sign written and we are really pleased with the results, we certainly turn heads and I even caught a New Zealander taking photos of the back doors to show his mate who keeps llamas  in New Zealand.

Cleo our cat was waiting for her tea and couldn't understand why I was taking pictures of the van.


  1. That's a nice job and should help the business!

  2. The new van looks great and Cleo looks lovely waiting for her tea ..Jayne