Friday, 18 April 2014

Floppy Ears

I am a bit concerned about Jazz! She is a old (not sure how Old) female llama.  We had a llama walk booked for Monday and decide to take Jazz along with Logan, Polo and Midnight.  once we got started it was obvious to me that Jazz was not happy, she was shaking her head a lot and generally not looking as if she was enjoying herself, which is unusual, she didn't want to walk, kept hanging her head, so decided she needed to go home.  Once back in the field she seemed better, looked bright and was tucking into the hay.
Over the next few days I just get this feeling she is not right and the only thing I can say is different is her ears!  when she runs her ears flop about and one seems to hang down more than the other.  When we feed up in the mornings they all come running and none of the others ears seem to flop about.  Apart from that I can't say there is anything else which causes concern, but sometimes you just know they are just not right.

Once Steve had taken Jazz back to the field the other three were really upset, quite vocal and kept looking back towards the carpark, it took them quite awhile to settle back down.  Monday was a great day for the walk, sun shining and quite warm.  We had a Cream Tea sat at the top of Yar Tor which overlooks Dartmeet and the East and West Dart Valleys, the view is amazing.

We are eagerly waiting for Tigerlily to give birth, she's 335 days tomorrow and showing not signs that she is even pregnant whilst Mica who isn't due till the end of next month is bulging at the back and has a large udder already, who knows.

Our cottages are full for the weekend so for the first time since November we can't do any work down there, so maybe we will have a day off tomorrow, but probably will have a Alpaca and llama husbandry day.

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