Thursday 26 November 2009

Day off!

Why when I have to go to Widecombe Village Market on Saturday and I have to get ready for that did I decide to invite people for Dinner on Saturday night!!! must be mad. So today I am going to prepare as much as possible for the dinner, tidy up the house as well as cleaning the chickens out, feeding up as usual, go to a customer and help give their alpacas a dose of Fluke treatment, and if I get time go to the holiday cottages to get them ready for a booking next week. Friday is my day off!

Yesterday I went into Newton Abbot to pick up the samples of the logos for our Llama Walking coats and fleeces so we should have them next week. The weather has been so wet recently we decided to buy good waterproof clothing, fleeces etc. So the weather should be improving from next Thursday.

Alpacas and Llamas were looking much fluffier yesterday and the youngsters were having a great game running up into the hedge where there is a large chunk of granite for them to leap off, great to watch but there fun will be short lived as we will be wean one of them this weekend, he will join his older chum who has been wean for about a month now and is being halter trained.

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