Wednesday 25 November 2009

Socks & more socks

Well if you are going to give socks for Christmas they really should be Alpaca socks! Today I went up to Coldharbour Mill to collect an order of socks & yarn from UK Alpaca. We are going to Widecombe Farmers market on Saturday so hopefully there will be lots of people doing their Christmas shopping and they will all want to buy socks. The A38 was horrendous as usual not only road works with 50 mile hour average speed limit but two breakdowns one in each lane, not helpful, at least it had stopped raining for a while.

Had to go into Exeter for a visit to the Apple shop genius bar to sort out a little problem with my website, they are great in there so helpful. I called in to see Lakeham Alpacas on the way home and to leave some socks with them as they are going to have a stall at Winchester School this weekend, so I should think that there will be a lot of people having socks for Christmas up there too.

All the Alpacas & Llamas are looking a little happier today as they have dried out, I nearly got mugged for the bale of hay this morning. Little do they know that if it stays dry tomorrow they will be getting their routine injections!!! Looking at the weather forecast it may not happen.

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