Monday 30 November 2009

There's something strange in the sky

Yesterday we had moved the females in Widecombe into a new field and at the same time decided to wean two more Cria, so we brought them back home along with Carla one of our older females (AKA Spitty) She seems to feel the cold more than the others and had been shivering, so she is looking after the youngsters and has the opportunity to use the field shelter.

I woke up this morning with a migraine, such a shame as there was something strange happening on Dartmoor. I think it is called "Sunshine" it is something we haven't seen here for about a month and something else had happened it had stopped raining. I am assured by the Met office that this "Sunshine" will not be here for long as tomorrow the rain shall return.
I quickly took some tablets to get rid of the migraine and went up to the fields to feed up. all the animals were looking happier in the sun, all dried out and looking gorgeous. After they had their food it was time to check over the cria we brought back yesterday and to give them a short training session. I always start halter training as soon as we have weaned them, just a few minutes each day, first I introduce a lead rope and just lay it over their back and say "stand" just doing that two or three times on the first day. Then I put a halter on Titan (the older cria) and Sparky (trained Alpaca) then for a short walk up and down the lane. So much nicer in the sun, Titan has really taken to his halter and seems to enjoy going for a walk, this is only the fourth time he has had the halter on. I have also been training Titan to lift his feet when asked, this makes cutting toe nails so much easier. Hopefully the two little ones will be just as easy to train as Titan has been.

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