Friday 30 April 2010

Having a great day!

I have had a great day today, firstly I got to feed all the animals this morning, Steve has been doing them most mornings now he has got to get to work until 9ish now. This morning he was off doing a little job with the mini digger before we loaded up some of the girls to take them up to Lakeham Alpacas for breeding/ spit off's. Our Stud males have been at Lakeham all winter and last week Mike and Liz brought them down to us for our first breedings of the year. Our turn to drive this time, so we loaded Phoebe and her cria into the trailer, she is really easy to handle and just walked into the trailer with her cria. Next off to widecombe to pick up Demeter and Cassini, not so easy as Demeter is a wily old girl and is not easy to get out of the field, but once out she loads easily. Last week Demeter sat but the other two were not having anything to do with Golden Nugget.

This week no such problem, first Cassini with Nugget, the Demeter with Caliban this was a definite spit off, Demeter is always reliable, she is an older female imported in 1996, always produces lovely big strong cria. Finally Phoebe in with Nugget after he had had a good long rest while we had lunch and a cup of tea and plenty of alpaca chat with Mike & Liz. Phoebe seemed a little reluctant to start with even spitting at Nugget but then sat, ............well a girl can't be seen to be too easy can she!
We dropped all the girls including little Mica back in Widecombe which has now become our work in progress fields, anything that has been anywhere of our farm is now in Widecombe so as not to mix with the rest of the herd.
Tonight we had some really good news just to finish the day off, but more of that later.

Steve has gone to get a takeaway and I am supposed to be doing the ironing for the cottages but thought I would update the blog instead.


  1. Hello, I was browsing for pics of last years North Somerset Show, as we are going tomorrow, and came across a couple of you on Flickr - Chrisw09 was the photographer I think - there's a slightly amusing comment! Seems like you may not be going this year? hope to see you if you are, all the best. DAve.

  2. Not sure I should show that comment to Steve, mind you Toledo the llama got a 1st place at that show. Unfortunately we won't be able to get there tomorrow. Hope you have a good day.