Friday 27 April 2012

Investigations completed,

After our terrible discovery yesterday we got all the females into the catch pen to examine them all, it was very quickly obviously who's cria it was.  What was even more disturbing for us was the female in question was not suppose to be due until end of July.  She had a large udder with plenty of milk, and looking at her rear end she looked softer as they do once they have given birth.  We brought her as an Open female, to be mated to the owners Male and confirmed pregnant by spit off before we collected her. having examined the cria which was a lovely solid black girl, the teeth were erupted, ears nice and straight and it weighed 9kgs,  just what we ordered, so obviously not 3 months premature.
So I am really upset as it looks like the cria died of hypothermia which had we know that she was due she would have been in the birthing paddock, with a camera to check on her for at least a month before her due date.  Had we known we could have moved mum and cria into the barn as the weather was really's all if's and buts and I know we can't change the outcome.

i really don't know what we should do now, obviously we could ask for a re mating, but that means loading her up and trundling off up the motorway, something we really haven't got time for, also we have lost a female, may get a male next time and more annoying puts a year behind.

Any advise of what our options are would be much appreciated. At the moment the breeder in question has not answered our messages!

Anyway all the late pregnant females have been moved to the biting paddock, the first due late May.  The show team have had to go up to our top fields, we will need to move them before Devon County show if the weather stays wet and they will be filthy up there.  The rest of the females have stayed in the big paddock near the show team.  All this we were going to do this weekend anyway, just wish we had done it earlier.

and I have been to check them 3 times this morning already!


  1. Very frustrating and annoying - I would see what the breeder suggests first - you would have thought that the female would have spat-off the later attempt.

  2. So sorry to hear about the cria, for once we know how you feel.
    Sounds like the breeder you got her from needs to get a grip with recording mating dates. Good luck.

  3. Thats very sad, hope you get it sorted out soon.

  4. Sorry to hear this - there are always 'if onlys' but this was obviously out of your control - great shame.