Thursday 5 April 2012

Open day plans

The planning stages for our open day now seem to be agreed, helpers briefed, car parking sorted, tables , cups & saucers and gazebos borrowed.  Everything was looking good then we heard the Weather Forecast.............. Sunday drizzle, turning into heavy rain, Monday, torrential rain, we can only hope they are late to cancel and anyway if we did you can guarantee it would be bright and sunny.
Anyway a fews days to go before the day, things could change.

We had a llama walk today, we loaded up got onto the moor, it was freezing, blowing a gale and then it rained.  We agreed to postpone until tomorrow. So hopefully it will be better, can't believe it was warm and sunny last weekend, sat on the moors in a tee shirt.

I have finally sorted animal cover for the following weekend when we are going to the Spring show at Bristol, I had postponed booking the hotel until everything was sorted, tied to book it today and they are fully booked so back to the holiday village again, very comfortable but I was looking forward to a bit of luxury.  We have just collected the new sign for the back of the trailer, hopefully it will be fixed before we leave.
The show team are already to go, actually look fairly clean.  Training has gone well, they all walk nicely, standing still is still a little bit of a mystery to them so we will see how they behave on the day.

Planning something

Right better go and make a batch of scones.


  1. Good luck at the show! See you there.

  2. Thanks, looking forward to seeing everyone again, not expecting too much from the show team, bit over fleeced!