Saturday 7 April 2012

Plan B or C now

We'll the weather forecast is still saying it is going to be wet on Monday but now they have added a gale just to make things even more difficult for the Open Day.  So now we are on plan B or maybe C I can't remember.

I think we can get most it under cover, luckily both of our Holiday Cottages will be empty on Monday, both sets of guests will have left by then.  So with a bit of furniture re arranging we can use one for refreshments and one for our Alpaca knitwear, yarns etc.  The llamas can go in the Big Barn which we rent from next door and the Alpacas can be in the field shelter and yard which means they will all be in the yard and getting soggy.  I don't expect many people will venture out but we will be prepared for the ones that do.  Any way there will be plenty of tea and cake.

So today Steve has tidied all his stuff away and we have made a big pen in the Barn.  We had a bonfire to get rid of lots of hedge trimmings which were sat on the Veg garden, I can't see anyone venturing up there but at least it is done.  I have spent most of the evening printing out signs and laminating them ready to put up tomorrow.

So we are as organised as we are going to be so far.

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow - at least you are expecting the worst and are prepared - hope you get some hardy souls out.