Tuesday 3 April 2012

Prehistoric Llama

Well we are already into April, Spring has come and probably gone looking at the black clouds building up tonight and it is cold, the wood burner has been lit.
We have had a busy time doing jobs around the farm, the female Alpacas were moved from they paddocks onto fresh grass and these have now been hoovered and Steve has used the topper to remove the dead stalks of the Chicory which is abundant amongst the grasses in these fields. They were reseeded a couple of years ago with a special grass mix made up at our local seed merchants, the mix contains lots of grasses and herbs which are deep routed and draw up the minerals.  We were hoping to get them harrowed and rolled as well.
The show team have continued their training, the grandchildren have been helping!

We have also been very busy with our Llama Walks, the weather has been great and we have done some lovely walks and eaten lunches and cream teas on the tops of tors, not something we usually do much of in March.
Polo & Murphy
Prehistoric Llama
We couldn't resist taking a picture of Murphy sitting down chewing the cud at lunchtime on one of our walks, he looks a bit of a dinosaur
At the moment I am beginning to panic, we decided to hold a small open day and the date was set for Easter Monday, at the time it seemed a long way off, then all of a sudden it's next Monday.  We need a Plan!  and quick.  So I have done the adverts, made the signs, baked some cakes, sorted out the raffle,  still to do - decide where everything is going, organise some helpers, check out the parking is available.  We have decide to keep it small as I like to be able to spend time with people instead of running round like a headless chicken.
After the Open day we only have a few days before we are attending the Spring Show at the Hand Equestrian Centre.  Oh no I still haven't booked the Hotel, best get on with it.


  1. Polo and Murphy look splendid! Murphy looks a bit like 'Nessie' in the lower photo. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Polo and Murphy look lovely. Good luck with the open day! Just leave it to the animals to charm everyone, they are generally the stars aren't they?!