Thursday, 24 December 2009

Festive Greetings

Steve & Di at Dartmoor llamas wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, happy & successful New year to all our friends, followers and customers past & present. We are looking forward to a very busy year in 2010 starting with a half day walk on New Years Eve followed by another one on New Years Day.

Our Grandchildren have just left to go home to bed all excited after having dinner with us. They told us we have to leave a carrot out for Rudolf and a mince pie and beer for Santa, they have some fairy dust which has to be sprinkled outside so the reindeer know where to land and they have got a magic key to leave outside so Santa can get in as they haven't got a chimney. I don't think they will get much sleep tonight.

We have filled all the hayracks late this afternoon so that we can have a little bit of a layin in the morning. All the animals seem to be coping with this icy weather well although they are eating loads of hay and we have upped their ration of concentrate a little. Today they a treat of carrots and brussel sprouts which was much appreciated.

Once Christmas is over we will have the rest of next week to catch up with some training and jobs around the farm, hopefully the weather will have warmed up a bit.

So here's to everyone having a lovely Christmas holiday season and a happy New year.

Best Wishes from Steve & Di

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