Thursday, 18 March 2010


We have had a lovely spell of weather this last week much easier for poo picking etc
We have the infamous Colin coming today to scan some of our females, we decided to have them re scanned rather than bringing our two males back from Lakeham Alpacas to do spit offs. Two reasons really it is a bit of a bind getting the trailer through our little lanes down to the A38, secondly with Bio security in mind, bringing the males onto the farm just to be hopefully spat at is really an unnecessary risk. later this year we will have young Calypso to use for this purpose, a little to young at the moment.

Colin was really excited when he scanned Ella last September as it was the first time he had seen twins on his scanner so he is scanning her this time for free. I am 99% sure she is not pregnant as she is a very tall slim girl and there is no sign of her putting on much girth. After listening to the Admed Tibary at the futurity it is highly unlikely that she will carry twins and deliver them, so never mind.

Apart from Ella we will scan possibly 6 others including 2 who only went to the male once at the end of Oct last year, we didn't have the males here after that to do spit offs so we will just have to wait and see.

We are also going to put the chips into last years weanlings before the show season starts. The four of them are coming along nicely with their halter training, the walking is fine, standing still not bad, being examined by a stranger, no chance!

Meanwhile the pack training with Blackjack is moving along, strangely he will let us put a very large pack over his back and he will walk around the farm like this, but you try getting straps under his belly and he really gets upset about it. I am hoping that having the bags moving about his sides and legs he will become less sensitive in those areas allowing us to pass the straps under him. We have a very large walk at the end of the month and it would be really good if he can at least carry the stake out lines on his back, a little less for Lenny and Polo to carry.

I have managed to get some photos yesterday but the battery has died on the iphone and it is now on charge, may be I will get them posted tomorrow.

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