Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Good Friday

Well things were all go here over Easter with both Alpacas, Llamas and Grandchildren.  It all started lining up in the week before Easter, we have had a couple of people thinking of having Alpacas for quite sometime, we all know what I mean, "I would live to have a few Alpacas, I have the Land" but thats as far as it goes.  Then out of the blue they both decide to come and look at what we have for sale on the same day, Good Friday! at first we thought they both wanted to look at the same three animals but it turned out  one couple wanted pets and the other guards, another thing we all know that they are not the same animal!  So the upshot is the first family are now looking forward to having delivery of our three little boys Olly, Fandango and Basil once they have finished their halter training.  The boys are getting regular visits from their new owners and later this week they are coming to help with the halter training.

Olly (Olympus)

The second family were looking for some Alpacas which would be good guards for their growing menagerie of chickens, geese and sheep but they would also like them as pets.  We explained that animals suitable for pets do not necessarily make good guards.  This problem was solved by choosing a older pregnant female who is an excellent guard and a maiden female who is a little friendlier.  So Olivia and Choc Ice are also off to a new home once Choc Ice has been mated and spat successfully.  So hopefully the chickens etc will have protection, Choc Ice will be spoilt and Olivia will produce another stunning cria later this summer and these two are getting a visit from their new family tomorrow.

Choc Ice
The best bit is that both families live only a few miles from us and we will be on hand to give them all the support they need with their new charges.

We had a lovely family day on Easter Sunday, all my daughters came for lunch with the Grandchildren, a good houseful.  The children had a Easter Egg hunt in the garden, then spent the rest of the afternoon eating their finds.  We all went out later to feed and check the animals and have a quick game of football in the field before tea.

Monday we had a Llama walk booked, the forecast was for some Sunshine but we woke up to dull cold weather, not good for walking on top of the moor.  Our two couples were keen to go so we chose a route which would keep us out of the wind for most of the route.  We tucked ourselves under a Tor to eat our Cream tea and we had a great time.  One of our guests wants to come back and see the Alpacas with a few to buying a couple later in the year.

So all in all we had a great easter weekend and I finished it off today with a Spa day with my eldest daughter, my birthday pressie from last week, so I am feeling very relaxed now, but I am now going to catch up with todays e.mails.

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