Tuesday 12 January 2010

Alpacas are tough on Dartmoor

When I thought I had got it sussed with getting the female alpacas in for the night they decided that it wasn't that cold last night so they really didn't need to be in. No amount of calling or tempting with a feed bucket was going to persuade them that the barn was a better option. So out with the tape reel and a walk around the back of them with the tape to drive them though the gate. I find the reel of tape really useful as I can hook the reel to the gate and just walk around the herd and drive them in, I can usually manage to get the whole herd in on my own this way. Once through the gate they knew they had no choice. The weather forecast was really bad for today but seems to have changed now but I think I will leave them in today.

I was looking at my gardening work calender and realized that I hadn't done any proper gardening since the beginning of November, it was so wet before Christmas then we had the freezing weather and now snow. It is a good thing we had some very successful farmers markets in the run up to Christmas and I have sold quite a few Llama walking gift vouchers. So I will be very pleased when I can get back out to work as all the autumn work still needs to be done.

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  1. The weather has certainly been relentless the last few weeks hasn't it.