Saturday 16 January 2010

Yesterday we had a thaw in the weather and for the first time in nearly a month we had no ice at all. I had to feed up sharpish this morning as I was off the Exeter to have an hours, one to one session with one of their experts. This time it was Data bases etc as I have just set up herd records instead of having Paper records. We covered this in plenty of time to have a go at editing some Video we had taken, so I should be able to put together some video clips which I can publish on here once finished.

As the snow has now all gone it is time to get away to where they really know what to do with the white stuff, they provide lifts to take you back up to the top of the mountain, restaurants with fantastic views where you can sit and admire the white stuff whilst drinking Vin chaud which vastly improves the skiing afterwards. So 3 weeks today I am off for a weeks skiing with a old friend and one of my daughters, I will probably mention this several times before them for which I am not going to apologies.

Now the weather is warmer we have put the llamas back into their field, Georgina has had her foal coat taken off to be cleaned & aired so as to be ready for the next period of cold weather. The weanlings went back out this morning and were really happy to see some grass. I hope it stays mild for a while so we can all get over the last month,I feel really sorry for everyone in the North of the country who are probably still covered in the white stuff, hope it goes soon.

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