Thursday 14 January 2010

Icy, Icy, Icy

We still covered in snow and this morning it is very icy on the roads due to the thaw yesterday. I was hoping to go to a meeting in Honiton this morning but have got out to feed the animals yet so will have to miss the meeting.
Not much happening here apart from the daily routine of feeding it is much easier now all the animals are inside. The female alpacas are still not happy at coming in each evening, they would be much rather stay out, but they are knee deep in snow and I feel better if they at least have a dry place to settle down for the night. So we have a routine, I rope of the route to the stable, then I take the reel of tape and walk round the herd playing out the tape at this point Demeter the oldest Alpaca runs off to the furthest point in the field so I have to follow her, once I have got around the back of all of them I can drive them towards the gate at which point they decide maybe the stable would be a better option and run straight in, leaving me to wind up the tape from the whole length of the field, I can then shut the stable door and say goodnight to them, take down the rope from across the yard and go home only to repeat the proccess the next day. Funny they don't need encouraging to go back to the field in the morning, just open the stable door and the gate and off they go.
Georgina & Jazz seem to be coping with the cold Ok, I built some defences around the field shelter to stop the snow blowing in. Pieces of corrigated metel tied onto the hurdles and put in an L shape around the entrance stopped the snow drifting into the shelter. Georgina has her foal coat on which seems to be keeping her warm , she doesn't have as much fleeces as Jazz.
As I can't go to the meeting I might do some halter training with the weanings as they are in the barn already.

That's when I can get out.

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