Sunday 10 January 2010

Sensible alpacas

The alpacas in Widecombe have soon realized that it is better in the barn at night than in the field. There was no repeat of the shenanigans of last night in fact Demeter was one of the first to the field gate this evening.

The llamas are happy in their barn and are eating vast amounts of hay, the weanings are in their barn and sitting as near to the gate as possible so they were covered in nearly as much snow as if they had be outside, I am sure they will get the hang of it soon. Carla one of our oldest female alpacas is sporting a very large dog coat as she was suffering from the cold a little and Georgina a female llama is modeling a lovely well padded foal coat for extra warmth. The weather seems set to continue for a while yet so I think they will all be in at night until it warms up.

We went out today to deliver
the Grandchildren back to Teignmouth and came back over Haytor, you should have seen it up there it was like a where's wally picture of a ski resort, I wish I had got the camera. The police had put cones along the road to stop parking, these had been move to make room to park their cars, there was kids on sledges hurtling down the slopes on about half an inch of ice, cars stuck on the verge, traffic at grid lock. When we finally got past that lot and the gritted road came to an end we got to follow or meet the 4x4 drivers who think because they have the vehicle to negotiate these sort of conditions they really need to prove that they have the ability drive on them, mostly they haven't. Of course we can not forget the drivers who think that just because they haven't got a 4x4 they should really try to drive down Ponsworthy hill with their two wheel drive people carrier with the brakes full on. Exciting to watch as long as you give them plenty of space to clear the bottom of the hill
before you try following them. It was OK though because they stopped to get a carrier bag of grit from the grit box at ht top of the next hill, I am sure that will have really helped.

Got back to two possible bookings for the holiday cottages so someone must think this weather is going to get better.

Hope you like the blog Ricki please do try to keep up.

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