Thursday 21 January 2010

The field shelter that didn't arrive

We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new field shelter, It was scheduled to arrive yesterday and we had thought it may be delayed due to the weather over the last few weeks. We were assured that it was going to arrive, so Steve took a day off work and went up to the field with my mobile phone to await the call to say they were 30 mins away form the site. Well he waited and waited, phoned up and finally about lunch time they phoned to say they had broken down. I do wonder why it took so long for them to decide they wouldn't get here as they should have arrived about 10am so at what point did they break down. I do get mad when people let you down especially if you have taken time off to wait for them, Steve wasted half a day just waiting around, couldn't do anything else as the mobile signal is very patchy around here and he would have missed the call when it finally arrived. So hopefully our lovely new shelter will arrive on Friday, we will wait and see.
Today Dartmoor is shrouded in grey mist and it looks like we are in for some rain, I am off to Exeter to take an elderly neighbour to an hospital appointment and go to the Apple shop to work on our Alpaca website which is looking good and should be ready to launch next week. I might find time to do some shopping for my Ski holiday which is only 15 days away now, might even need some sun cream, just heard another friend is coming, she managed to book the same flight and hotel, can't wait.

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