Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fasinex finally

We finally managed to drench the last group of animals with Fasinex yesterday, the llama and Alpaca boys.  The rest of the herd had theirs in December but with the onset of the bad weather the boys missed out.  Anyway they are done now, the Alpacas were all little angels no spitting or extreme dribbling in fact Titan seem to positively enjoy his dose.  The two young llamas were no problem but the older ones which we had left til last in the vain hope that they may watch how the others behaved were little b.....rs, Lenny first refused to open his mouth so I had to pries it open and maneuver the drench gun into position to administer his dose which he promptly let drain out as soon as I let him go.  The difficulty for me is that I am only 5ft 2in and I can't reach to hold the head up and squeeze the drench gun, Steve is tall enough but then I can't hold them.  Blackjack wasn't to bad but he doesn't like having his halter on at the moment.  Polo wouldn't let me catch hold of his head collar and somehow ended up kneeling down, which made it easier to hold his head up once I had managed to get hold of him.  I gave him his dose and everything seemed to stay down so Steve released his hold on him for which Polo rewarded him with a full blow sneeze which coated him with a good dose of white liquid.  I wish the boys were like our old female Llama 'Georgina'  we just ask her to smile and she opens her mouth, put the drench gun in and she just drinks the liquid.............. great job done, no hassle!
Whilst we had the boys in they had a ADE shot and we had a good look at fleeces,  Prospect's fleece is looking amazing, definitely the best we have ever produced.
Over all this attention they we all awarded with a little treat of concentrate, just to make sure we had been forgiven for giving them horrible medicine.
This morning we had time for some Halter training with the youngsters, the two Alpaca boys are coming along nicely and the two llamas are now progressing onto walking with blankets and even a training pack.  Murphy didn't bat an eyelid at walking with the packs on but Merlin was not impressed at all, just to prove that they are all different, he will be fine with a couple more training sessions.
Then we decided that we needed to take down a couple of trees along the track down to the holiday cottages. We have a bank on which there are several Sycamore and some Ash growing, as we have a rather lovely stone barn on the other side of the track we don't want to let these trees grow to big as it will be very difficult to take them out.  So with me on the rope and Steve with the chainsaw we had to drop these trees into the track without catching the roof of the Barn.  Luckily they fell exactly where Steve said they would and we now have a stack of logs and kindling ready for next winter.  They will grow back from the stumps so this will screen the rather ugly farm buildings next door and we will take out another two trees next winter.  Good to know that we have our own supply of wood which will continue to regrow for future winters especially as the price of oil is going through the roof.

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  1. Sounds like fun trying to drench a reluctant Lenny, especially when you are only five foot two...I find that it's bad enough with a tall alpaca and I am all of five foot three and three quarters (evry little counts)!! :))