Monday, 17 January 2011

Looking for a New Stud

Langaton Caliban
Following on from our sales over the weekend we have decided to look for a new Stud male for this seasons breeding's.  Our two Stud males have given us some stunning cria and we are really please with them but we would like to purchase a much darker male, currently we have Caliban who is light fawn and Nugget is dark fawn ................. yes I know we have just sold a dark brown male but we really would like to introduce some new bloodlines into the herd.
Caton Golden Nugget

So Caliban has gone up for sale at a very sensible price, he is a bargain for someone and Nugget will stay with us for a while yet.  Well as I have just found out  Black/Dark Brown/Grey Stud males are like hens teeth at the moment, Oh there are quite a lot advertised as Stud males but looking at Bloodlines and fibre stats as well as the actual look of some of them,  you soon dismiss them as just not good enough.  So I think we are going to have a bit of a search for the right male.  What really frustrates me is when you think you may have found something and you send a e.mail or leave a message nobody returns the call ........ even more annoying when you here the said same persons complaining about the lack of Alpaca sales!
Anyway thats enough ranting, yet again the weather interrupted work plans again today, Steve had got himself set up for a fencing job this morning but we woke to thick mist and heavy rain, not good for getting landrover and trailer across several steep fields.  So as usual when it is raining we went out to buy materials in readiness for anticipated dry weather.

Our hens seem to think that spring is on its way the older hens are giving us 3 eggs a day now and the point of lays we brought in November have actually produce one egg this week, no ideal which one it was and it must have been a bit of a shock as we haven't had one since.


  1. Yes what is going on...I too am keeping an eye on sales lists for the right animal (and like you have made enquires that have not been followed through). Quality alpacas seem to be getting snapped up pretty quickly but few are coming up for sale...are they going to be like houses and all come on the market in the spring I wonder!!

  2. You have two nice boys there....quality speaks for itself !!...I hope you find what you are looking the sounds of things...its going to take some time !! My hens have also started to lay just last week....I wonder if they have all had a bit of a Pow-Wow !! or maybe they can sense the hint of Spring ...hope so !!........Jayne

  3. I can't understand why when you leave a message whether it is e.mail or phone nobody replies! still nothing, if the animal is sold then update your listings! or at least phone and say sorry it's gone. I can't believe I am the only person who makes a point of responding as soon as possible. probably because if you don't responed to holiday cottage bookings straight away or they go else where!