Saturday, 22 January 2011

A few Pictures

As the sun was shining yesterday I took the camera out mainly to take some shots of the boys who are going to Cornwall in a couple of months.  Stephano who has so much fleece has been very messy and dirty in all that wet weather but is now looking all cute and fluffy now.
Atlas with frost on his back is now one of the two boys left in our show team, both fawns luckily with the hot competition going on in the brown classes this year.

 Calypso posing in the sun shine all bravado as he is a bit of a whim especially when being given a pedicure, he whines in your ear the whole time.
Finally Titan with frost on his back and straw in his top knot, he definitely got attitude, followed me around putting himself in front of camera.  He's going to be a herd sire in Cornwall in a couple of months.
Today we have 10 tonnes of scalpings being delivered ready to be spread over the car parking area next to the holiday cottages which will make it look much better since Steve dug a trench right through it.  Once this is done we can get on with connecting the camera on the field shelter in the birthing paddock.  It's so nice to be able to get these outside jobs done now it is dry.

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  1. The boys are looking lovely in the sun-shine. Titan looks a beautiful colour and Im sure he's going to be a hit in Cornwall......outside jobs...youre on the ball !!......Jayne