Sunday 14 February 2010

Great skiing now back to reality

Well I had a great time skiing in Italy the snow was great, blue skies except for one day when it snowed, lots of very nice red wine, food wasn't that good in the hotel but you can't have everything. The temperature didn't get above -3 all week so the conditions stayed good and it wasn't very crowded which is good with my skiing not so many people to avoid!
So now it is back to reality, Steve has been working flat out with his job and taking bookings for the cottages, llama walks etc so he didn't have much time for housework etc. I have just worked my way through the post, answered all the e.mails and phone messages which Steve felt I would be better at and I am now feeling very pleased with myself as I have finished the list.

It was good to see all the animals after a week, they all seemed keen to see me this morning or maybe it was the food buckets that they were interested in. I must say they all look very healthy, cute and cuddly in this dry cold weather. I need to start planning pasture rotations especially for the pregnant female group, our first cria is due end of March an I would really like to have them in our home paddock in plenty of time, they may even get to use the new field shelter.
This morning I got the holiday cottage ready for some guests, made some scones for their cream tea and for the llama walk booked for tomorrow, I hope it stays dry.

While I was away Steve decided to hand in his notice at work, it is something we had been discussing for a while and I am really please as it will give him more time to work with the animals as well as going back to being self employed hopefully for two or three days a week. I know what it is like myself to work for someone who makes your life a misery and it is not good! Steve's boss certainly makes his life a misery, it is very depressing to know that what ever you do it will be wrong and the list of jobs you are expected to do in the time allowed means that you are definitely going to fail. I am not sure I could have put up with it as long as he has, I would rather be broke and have a better lifestyle than have money and be miserable. At the very least he will be able to come to shows with me this year. Can't wait until his last day at the end of March.
While I was away we had a couple of enquiries about Alpacas which is really encouraging and will certainly help with the finances if they come through. So I thought I better add some of the young boys to our listing on Alpaca seller, just need to get some good pictures.
Then perhaps I can start planning next years Ski trip!


  1. Good decision Steve.....I'm sure you won't look back....I certainly haven't....Barbara

  2. Sometimes in life you just gotta take a risk...and follow that priceless.....and you can now make it happen....glad you had a nice trip...and hope you have a good day tomorrow !......Jayne

  3. Thanks for that, I am sure it is the right decision although it is a bit daunting at the moment.