Saturday 27 February 2010

British Futurity

We have just returned from two days at the British Alpaca Futurity held at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire. Great venue and very well laid out taking all the recent bio security issues, at first I thought the atmosphere was a bit subdued but I think this was due to having so much space which is not what we are used too. There was some very nice Alpacas on show and it was great to be able to have a close look at some of the best animals in the country.

We met a lot of people we haven't seen for a while, caught up with the gossip, looked at all the trade stands and drank numerous cups of coffee as well as consuming some very good muffins. The weekend seem to contain lots of muffin moments as we had some very good ones at the services on the way up and on the way back.

We invested in a set of weighing scales from Alpaca & Llama care and had a good look at the poo picker uppers, may be next year we be able to get one of them.

The seminars by Ahmed Tibary were very interesting and informative and I am even more convinced now that our female who scanned with twins will probably no longer be pregnant, I need to get colin in to scan her again as our males are over in Exeter at Lakeham Alpacas for the winter.

On the way home we diverted in Bristol to pay a flying visit to Ikea, we needed a mirror and a few other bits for the newly fitted shower room in one of the holiday cottages, always looking for an excuse to waste a couple of hours wandering around there. I usually manage a quick visit while at the SWAG show in Bristol in the spring, as I have just been I may just have to visit John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway instead, probably a more expensive trip!

I really need to get the Swag entries in while I am thinking about it.

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