Wednesday 17 February 2010

Pictures in the paper (hopefully)

I am well and truly back into the round of feed, muck and phone calls. The phone has been red hot with cottage bookings. I have done two llama walks this week and had potential customers for Alpacas, all this points to a very busy year and even more encouraging as Steve is giving up his job.

Yesterday when out on our walk, a car screeched to a halt and the guy wound down the window and asked if he could take our picture. this is something that happens quite a lot as most people do not expect to come across a team of llamas walking on Dartmoor!. Turns out the guy is from the Western Morning News, apparently he had been sent out to photograph some snow, (not sure where he was going to find that!) but he thought Llamas would be just as good. So my customers and I, two llamas and an Alpaca spent 20 mins or so posing for the camera with different views behind us, good job my customers thought it was fun!. This was followed up with a call from a reporter this morning for more details and hopefully it will be in the paper tomorrow, just hope they get their facts right.
Today we had a visit from some would be Alpaca owners, unfortunately it was raining all day and my lovely little weanlings were very soggy. I had put them in but they managed to stand just where they could be in the rain. Hopefully this will not put them off and the little angels behave impeccably when we walked them up the lane on their halters.
All in all a very good day, tomorrow we are going to try out house sitting for the first time and we get to look after two really great dogs, I am really looking forward to taking them on some long walks over the week end.

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